Project results

Competence model and roadmap

XD Media Hub will develop a practical tool for diagnostic and audit of the capabilities, opportunities, challenges and models for media and creative entrepreneurship. It serve as an Entrepreneurial oath guidelines for newcomers to this sector. It will be a set of frameworks, models, questionnaires and advice for practical use – for career development in the field of media and creative industries.

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Experiential digital hub

The platform will allow experiential learning by solving provided by the startups challenges. Online tools like digital templates, pitching tools, etc. will complement it to fully meet the needs of all target groups including trainers and coaches. The platform will be an individually developed, secured, modular, upgradeable system. It will be multiuser, multithreaded, with the use of structure that allows transferability. It will allow single and multi-user interactions.

VET Digital toolbox

The common need in our countries and in EU as a whole is critical in terms of preparation of trainers for the new generation of entrepreneurs. In our organisations we need to prepare trainers in this field as well and further organise train-the-trainer sessions for VET to test and validate them. The innovation is in its core – new VET courses in a new field.