XD Media Hub goal was to prepare, equip, support and develop entrepreneurs, managers and owners of tech startups at early stage of development in the sector of media and creative industries. As well as, provide how-to-do courses for new VET educators.

This project is now officially closed. If you want to learn more about our achievements please visit project results by clicking the button below.

XDMediaHub Project results

The Self-assessment Tool

Evaluate your Media and Creative Industries competencies on-the-go with our app. Evaluate your knowledge and skills, receiving instant numerical and graphical insights. Understand your proficiency levels, discover strengths, and pinpoint areas for growth.

The Digital Toolbox

Join our Moodle course to bridge skill gaps and navigate the dynamic innovation cycle in the (new) media sector across European regions. Elevate collaboration, knowledge, and technology transfer by connecting with media innovators from diverse European areas.

Our goals


Raise awareness about the challenges and opportunities in terms of business creation and education and training development within the Media and Creative industries.


Provide concrete answers, tools, methods, selection of modules and courses, and a coherent experiential learning within the XD Media Hub.


Contribute to the enhancement and increase of innovative deep tech business development in Europe in the Media and Creative Industries.

Latest news

Shaping the Future: The dynamics of modern media and creative industries

In the modern era, the media and creative industries are undergoing a profound transformation, driven by technology, changing consumer behaviours, and global shifts in culture and society. Today, more than ever, individuals and organisations involved in these fields must adapt and innovate to stay relevant and succeed. In this article, [...]

November 6, 2023|

Developing a Competence Model in the field of Creative and Media Industries

The XD Media Hub project represents an initiative aimed at fostering innovation and growth endeavour Competence Model has been developed, which highlighting the significance of two European Union-supported frameworks, Entrecomp and Digicomp. These frameworks provided the foundation for the development of essential competences tailored to the creative and media industries. [...]

October 24, 2023|

The Intersection of Venture Capital and Creative Industries within the Creative Business Network

The Creative Revolution Creative industries encompass a wide range of sectors including design, fashion, film, music, advertising, and more. These industries not only contribute significantly to cultural and artistic expression but also fuel economic growth. Venture capital has traditionally been associated with technology startups, but it is now spreading [...]

October 19, 2023|

XD Media Hub Third Newsletter

We are thrilled to present the latest publication in our third newsletter, which embodies our continued dedication to empowering entrepreneurs, managers, and deep tech startup owners in the media and creative industries. In this publication, we dive into the insightful results of our participants' evaluation, where they assessed the [...]

July 25, 2023|

Meet the team

CEED mission is to promote entrepreneurship by providing the knowledge, know-how and contacts to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses to the next level. More than 12 years of experience in developing training material and programs, in providing effective mentoring & coaching for start-ups, SMEs and growth stage companies, as well as in connecting entrepreneurs around the Globe.

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CSKC aim is to initiate and actively participate in the process of transforming Sofia city from a traditional administrative capital into an intelligent city that builds and maintains a sustainable high quality of life and good governance by supporting the development of business based on innovation and knowledge.

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Fasttrack Action goes beyond funding helping entrepreneurs and startups to launch and grow their businesses. Fasttrack is a subsidiary of a Venture Capital Fund Manager, and makes use of all the experience and tested track record to assist entrepreneurs covering all aspects of fundraising and fast-tracking sustainable growth.

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SE4All designs innovational learning opportunities to develop entrepreneurial competences. It was is born in the framework of Hillary project, a co-funded project under the Erasmus+ Program aimed to foster female entrepreneurship. Today the experts group works on a voluntary base to promote entrepreneurial learning promoting the EntreComp Framework and social entrepreneurship.

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F6S is the leading platform for application management for commercial, corporate, government, university and other accelerator programs, helping more than 17.000 such initiatives worldwide.

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UD is remarkable for its capacity to combine a number of contrasting elements: local roots and global challenges, historic awareness and future concerns, leadership engagement and social commitment, intellectual rigor and experienced based learning, competition and cooperation, tradition and innovation.

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Inqubator has been active in the northen part of the Netherlands since its establishement as a foundation in 2010. Tha focus of Inqubator is heping (students) start-ups to firmly estbalish their business. Most start-ups entrepreneurs originate from the VET schools or Universities in the city of Leeuwarden, many of them in the creative sector and/or ICT.

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