The XD Media Hub project represents an initiative aimed at fostering innovation and growth endeavour Competence Model has been developed, which highlighting the significance of two European Union-supported frameworks, Entrecomp and Digicomp. These frameworks provided the foundation for the development of essential competences tailored to the creative and media industries.

The Frameworks: Entrecomp and Digicomp

Before the creation of the Competence Model, extensive research was conducted to identify frameworks that would provide valuable insights and guidelines for competences in the creative industries. The project consortium selected Entrecomp and Digicomp due to their pertinence in the context of entrepreneurship, digitalisation and the project’s objectives. Entrecomp, an EU framework, focuses on competences such as: “Ideas & Opportunities”, “Resource Management” and “Mobilisation into Action”. On the other hand, Digicomp offers competences that are especially crucial in the digital age, including “Problem Solving”, “Communication and Collaboration”, “Safety”, “Information and Data Literacy”, and “Digital Content Creation”.

Data Collection and Evaluation

To verify the relevance of these frameworks in the context of the creative and media industries, a comprehensive questionnaire was crafted based on the competences outlined in Entrecomp and Digicomp. This questionnaire facilitated an in-depth assessment of the applicability and proficiency levels of these competences among researchers, managers, entrepreneurs, and professionals from sector agents.

The survey results revealed that Ideas & Opportunities, according to the Entrecomp framework, and Communication and Collaboration from the Digicomp framework were the most highly regarded competence areas.

Identifying the Most Relevant Competences

The survey sought to distinguish between the assessment of competence relevance for company managers and entrepreneurs. This differentiation aimed to identify the most crucial competences for each role. By analyzing the collective data, the study aimed to provide a comprehensive and unified perspective on competence relevance. The Competence Model, informed by this inclusive survey, offers a reliable framework for enhancing competencies in the creative and media industries, ensuring that professionals in these fields possess the skills required for success in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Competence Model

Taking into analysis, the project consortium proposed a model with four categories or macro competences, incorporating competences chosen from the Entrecomp and Digicomp frameworks. This model is tailored to the unique needs of the creative and media industries, providing a solid foundation for the XD Media Hub project’s goals (Figure 1).

By aligning the language used for the competences with the specific context of the media and creative industries, the Competence Model becomes more nuanced and tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities encountered in this sector. This concerted effort ensures that the competences not only reflect the core principles and values of the industry but also serve as a practical guide.