The Creative Revolution

Creative industries encompass a wide range of sectors including design, fashion, film, music, advertising, and more. These industries not only contribute significantly to cultural and artistic expression but also fuel economic growth. Venture capital has traditionally been associated with technology startups, but it is now spreading its wings to encompass the creative industries. In a rapidly changing world, the power of creativity and innovation has become an essential driver for progress.

By investing in creative businesses, venture capital firms are not just supporting innovative ideas, they’re also investing in the future of culture and entertainment. These investments can lead to remarkable advances in art, design, fashion, and entertainment, ultimately shaping the way we perceive and experience the world around us.

Opportunities for media and creative industries

The Creative Business Network (CBN) provides a platform that unites creative minds and entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe. CBN is the world’s largest network of startups and stakeholders in the cultural and creative industries. CBN’s mission is succinct and powerful: to bring together the brightest and most creative minds worldwide. Their goal is to foster an environment where these minds can converge to share ideas, innovations, and solutions to the global challenges we face today and in the future.

The CBN community is the home for online events, latest opportunities, and conversations about the hot topics in the cultural and creative industries. It’s a place where creativity and innovation converge, where game-changers come together to collaborate and drive progress.
One of CBN’s most significant events is the Creative Business Cup Global Finals. This event provides startups and entrepreneurs in the cultural and creative industries with the opportunity to connect with a global community. Here, they can meet potential investors and mentors, and
even compete in the finals. The 2023 Global Finals took place on June 5th in Copenhagen, marking the 11th edition of this prestigious event. The national competitions for the Creative Business Cup 2024 are now open.

A Tribe of Disruptors and Innovators

In the world of the Creative Business Network, you’ll find a unique tribe of innovative disruptors, creatives, entrepreneurs, and business experts. It’s a space where ideas are born, where creativity meets commerce, and where the future takes shape. It’s a place where dreams become realities. “In the world of creativity, there are no limits.” CBN is the place where these limits are continually pushed, and new horizons are explored.