Sofia (Bulgaria), 1 April 2022 – The initiative, co-funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ programme, aims to prepare, equip, support and develop entrepreneurs, managers and owners of deep tech startups at an early stage of development in the sector of Media and Creative industries.

Digital transformation of businesses requires the support of Vocational and Educational Training (VET) which is efficient, accessible and adjusted to the market needs. To solve current challenges faced by the Media and Creative industries, XD Media Hub will provide educational solutions in terms of new digital business models, collaboration management, innovation management, advanced technologies, and Media 4.0.

Through a digital approach the initiative will build an experiential digital hub equipped with resources to contribute to the development and enhancement of digital competences, directly connected with the European strategy to support developing economies and business in going digital. XD Media Hub aims to provide concrete answers, tools, methods, selection modules and courses, in the framework of a coherent experiential learning within the hub.

The project initial kick-off took place in Sofia (Bulgaria) the past 31 of March and 1 of April, 2022. Representatives from consortium members attended the event to discuss the upcoming steps and project milestones.

Overcoming the challenges faced by the Media and Creative Industries

XD Media hub will contribute to modernize the VET offerings for the Media and Creative Industries and prepare the digitally advanced learners who need stronger entrepreneurial competencies through the development of a competence model roadmap, which will provide methodologies and guidelines for the acquisition of new skills and increase awareness about the opportunities of media 4.0, the creative industry, within the deep tech entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, the experiential digital hub will provide a workspace and platform developed on the base of Moodle with embedded functions. As the main topic is deep tech and digital we will aim at increasing the advanced competences of our community by applying interactive digital approach.

Additionally, a VET digital toolbox will be made available, intended for direct use and generation of new VET training by educators. The common need in the EU as a whole is critical in terms of preparation of trainers for the new generation of entrepreneurs, the toolbox will provide a ready-to-use guide to support other E&T institutions, VET, universities in creating similar courses on different topics of deep tech entrepreneurship for the media and creative industries.

Reaching a pan-European dimension

The consortium is composed of 7 partners located in 5 different EU countries (Bulgaria, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, and Portugal). The initiative led by CEED Bulgaria, a foundation with more than 12 years of experience in developing training materials and programs, in providing effective mentoring & coaching for start-ups, SMEs and growth stage companies, as well as in connecting entrepreneurs around the Globe. F6S (Ireland), Cluster Sofia Knowledge City (Bulgaria), Universidad de Deusto (Spain), Fasttrack Action (Portugal), Socialenterprise4all (Spain), and Stichting Incubator (Netherlands).