XD Media Hub is meeting the needs of partner organisations by leveraging its strong expertise in working with startups and providing study programs and training models. Our objective is to prepare and support entrepreneurs, managers, and owners of deep tech startups in the media and creative industries.

The creative economy is an evolving concept that builds on the interplay between human creativity, intellectual property, knowledge, and technology. The creative industries, which include advertising, design, fashion, film, music, and TV/radio, are the lifeblood of the creative economy, providing both commercial and cultural value.

XD Media Hub is focused on deep tech entrepreneurship for media and creative industries, which requires further exploration of opportunities and challenges. Deep tech innovations are defined as disruptive solutions built around unique, protected or hard-to reproduce technological or scientific advances. Deep tech companies have a strong research base, and create value by developing new solutions, not only by disrupting business models.

The Overview of the creative and media industry in the partner countries: Accumulated report analysis is the basis for the development of the Competence model and roadmap, which combines analysis with a profound survey conducted in all partner countries, providing the consortium with the opportunity to involve the target groups in the process and collect their opinion and even more profound insights for their needs. Thus, helping to develop even more practical and applicable results to help innovate and disrupt the market and ultimately – grow.

XD Media Hub is defining the scope of media entrepreneurship, which is much needed during the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences on the high use of digital technologies and media.

In conclusion, supporting deep-tech startups in the media and creative industries is vital for solidifying their businesses and helping them grow in the startup ecosystem. These startups play a crucial role in the creative economy and contribute to the development of new solutions, not only by disrupting business models but also by creating value. By providing the necessary support, resources, and training, the XD Media Hub and its partners are paving the way for a new generation of entrepreneurs and innovators, who will continue to shape the future of the creative industries and the broader economy.