On the 9th and 10th of February 2023, the XD Media Hub Erasmus+ project held its second transnational project meeting, which was hosted by Deusto University in Bilbao, Spain.

An overview of the activities held the fist year of the project was discussed and reviewed by the consortium partners, coordinated by CEED Bulgaria and with the participation of Cluster Sofia Knowledge City, Fasttrack Action, Social Enterprise 4 All, F6S, Inqubator Leeuwarden and the host, Deusto University. XD Media Hub team submitted the latest interim report for approval, which contains a preview and suggestions of the results of the project: a Competence model and roadmap. The team discussed content distribution into subunits. It was also discussed the separating of competences identified in the framework into skill competences and self-assessment tools, such as digital tools for communication and collaboration and a value proposition.

During the meeting, the team allocated tasks to different partners. CSCK will be responsible for spotting opportunities and generating innovative ideas, while SE4ALL will be in charge of mobilisation into action. F6S will handle communication and collaboration, FTA will manage resources, and CEED & Deusto will handle problem solving.

Upcoming activities for the project include the use of the Moodle platform, which will be integrated into the XD Media Hub website. The team discussed the structure of Moodle and suggested the structure of content which will include introductions, videos, text, and case studies, with three case studies provided per partner.

The team emphasised the need to protect intellectual property without commercial use and discussed plans for multiplier events in September-December. The final TPM will be hosted by Inqubator Leeuwarden in the second or third week of November. It was also discussed next steps on dissemination and promotion strategies, including social media content, events, and newsletters.

To assess the project’s impact, the team will use a questionnaire that all partners can fill out and analyse the results from workshops. It was also also discussed choosing performance indicators and creating a template for the workshops. Exploitation assets will include a business model canvas, assets, and strategies, public funding, and individual exploitation plans.

XD Media Hub team is on track and making significant progress. Clearly focused on creating a comprehensive Competence model and roadmap and giving hard thought at the dissemination and promotion strategies. It will be interesting to see how the project progresses in the coming months, with testing set to occur in May and June.

Overall, the meeting was an important step for the XD Media Hub Erasmus+ project, as it allowed the team to review their progress thus far and strategize about the project’s next steps.